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3rd December 2012, 17:15
Hi Bobs Mum thought I would open a separate thread rather than answer you on Clue Chain - I have confused things enough - fortunately ChrisE and SLH have a lot of patience.

I am in Glasgow went out with the dog last night - all clear - let the cat in a hour later and the place was covered in snow. Its due back on Thursday but can't complain considering all those people who were flooded. My main problem is the dog hates it and won't go out!!!!
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bobs mum

3rd December 2012, 18:03
Hi emrach,

Thanks for replying, i live further south than you (by a lot) we get snow here now and again. When we do, i am like a big kid !!! I just love it . Our dog was a pup last year and when he saw snow for the first time it was sooooooooooo funny -- do i eat it? can i walk on it? etc etc. have some memorable photos of that morning.

All said and done i know that snow can be difficult for lots of people - so - i hope u keep warm, safe and well in the chill and look forward to more chats and crossword solving. Take care B's M
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3rd December 2012, 18:55
We haven't got snow in Dorset but we are freezing as our central heating broke down 3 days ago! Thank goodness a man has just come & says he thinks the pump has packed up. There is now a lot of banging going on! I just hope we will soon get some warmth!
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3rd December 2012, 19:09
Bobs Mum your pets can really make you laugh but you have to have them to appreciate it. Macy - my dog - trots in the snow she looks so silly but bootees are not an option. Not for a Glasgae dog!!! I am warm and cosy and love looking at it.

Redcoral that sounds miserable hppened to us two years ago the heating I could put up with but the lack of how water turned me into the tazmanian devil Hope you get it sorted

Redcoral that sounds miserable its even worse if you don't have hot water
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3rd December 2012, 19:11
Ooops Thought I had deleted the bit at the bottom its not a reiteration of miserable it is !!!

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