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13th December 2012, 08:51
Nice to hear from you, Caravaggio. Now I wonder if someone can find Old Gal?? Mags.
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13th December 2012, 09:28
Lovely to hear from you Caravaggio. Best wishes for a joyous Christmas to you and your family. J
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old gal

13th December 2012, 13:01
Here I am Magworth!!!!! I have not been doing the RT crosswords recently as am finding them a bit of a challenge (unlike you brainy types) and got depressed at my efforts. However, I am alive and well (ish!) having turned 70 (more dead brain cells). I still drop in to see you occasionally and would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Peaceful New Year! You are all great guys and I have realy enjoyed my chats with you! Maybe see you next year - (new year's resolution: eat more fish....................)
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13th December 2012, 13:19
So glad to hear from you, Old Gal. I too would like to wish Forum members a happy Christmas and good health in the New Year. I have enjoyed my first year with all these helpful friendly people and look forward to the next.
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13th December 2012, 13:24
Christmas wishes to each and everyone here. ♥
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13th December 2012, 13:34
Good to hear from you Caravaggio and old gal. It is especially good to know that you are still following the RT crossword forums, Old gal even if you do not post so often. A very happy Christmas to you both.

Meantime I have started the Xmas crossword and find it difficult, so far but will keep trying!!
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13th December 2012, 16:04
Is there a mistake in the numbering? I thought I did RT50 before RT51.
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13th December 2012, 16:28
So good to see you old gal. I think the RT's are gradually getting more tricky but I know there's always someone on here to give a hint or two. Please stay in touch and join us for an occasional chat, drink or a seasonal cake or three. Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year to you. Now, where is Wee Jock and all ?
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13th December 2012, 16:31
hi wally
No, there's no mistake. It's just that RT50 suddenly jumped to the front page. RT51 is around somewhere.
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13th December 2012, 21:07
OLD at 70..???? No NO 'Old Gal'..! Just mature..! I've hit the 80 mark this year, so you've a long way to go.! I'm a newcomer to this Forum, and like you, I feel left behind sometimes..! But what a lovely group of 'friends'. It was pure chance I found you all. BEST wishes to each and every one, and GOOD health for 2013. Nadolig Llawen. :> R.
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