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23rd November 2012, 17:10
Hi, I'm stuck on 2 clues :
23 down ; 'Cold drink the artiste enjoys after the performance'. 4 letters. I have C-A- Could it be CHAR - that's a drink. Or CLAP - which is after a performance.

24 across : 'In the light, see a fellow with a cat'. 5 letters. I have -L-S- I thought it might be FLASH, as that is a light and also have the letter F in. But can't see a connection with cat.

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23rd November 2012, 17:11
CLAP is correct - C for cold + LAP for drink
FLASH is also correct - one name for a LASH is a CAT (e.g. of nine tails)
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23rd November 2012, 17:34
Thanks a lot. It's nice to get the right answer, even when you're not sure why!

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