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17th November 2012, 23:04
I know this is CROSSWORD but was just wondering if there is a similar place to look for solving the Times Codeword puzzles.

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18th November 2012, 01:16
As it says in the times, below the codeword you have 2 telephone numbers you can call for help or the complete solution.other than this clues sometimes appear on an internet search
but not do have to pay for clues or the complete solution.
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18th November 2012, 09:35
If you have a few letters you can use Quicksolve. If you are still stuck -here`s a clue. E is no 18. Mags.
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18th November 2012, 09:36
Sorry - you wanted help in general. My clue is just for yesterday. M.
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18th November 2012, 09:56
Thanks Magworth. I'll check out Quicksolve. Thanks also for the tip about #18, but I had that one already (smile). I usually look for the E very early, most often by simply counting the occurrences. The E is most often the most numerous letter used.

Tiger3, I do know about calling (££) for clues and have done it when I've been desperate, but I thought there might be something similar to this forum.

Thanks again.
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18th November 2012, 10:26
Sometimes the Radio Times compiler is really naughty and only puts one `e` in the Enigma code puzzle! However, the answer is provided and, if you are really careful you can just sneak a look at a three-letter word. Mags.
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