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8th November 2012, 03:22
I guess I'm stupid, but can someone please explain to me the answer to 55-Down in today's (11/7/12) Universal Crossword?

Clue: "...lender be"
Answer: ENOS


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8th November 2012, 04:29
...i'm completely stumped, it might be worth mentioning to any other would be solvers that the previous clue - Writer/ Director Ephron - gives the answer Nora.
so the phrase, neither a borrower (nor a) lender be, might apply.

ps. Enos is the correct answer.
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8th November 2012, 05:07
Thanks for your reply Trevor. I think you may have provided the solution: an editorial slip-up.

While I'm reluctant to suggest that the esteemed Mr. Parker has erred, it certainly makes more sense to me that the clue for 55D was intended as an option for 54D, and that the actual clue for 55D is missing.

Thanks for pointing that out! It might even have helped me to feel a little less stupid, if not for the fact that I somehow double-posted my original question! (For which I apologize to all!)
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10th November 2012, 22:57
I too have a problem with the 55D answer fitting the given clue and I also noticed the coincidence with the 54D answer being more fitting. Oddly, on line there seems to be a lot to do with mortgage lending in Enos, Ill. Don't know whether that is something related or not.
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