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25th October 2009, 07:51
Help !!
18D - Empty part of a house, it's back (5)
I've got : I?A?E
I can only find image, inane and irate but I can't see how any of these fit the clue !!
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25th October 2009, 10:02
Hi Alan.

Assuming you have correct crossing letters (I don't have the crossword and have no reason to suspect otherwise), I think the answer must be inane.

An explanation might be:

'inane' = 'empty'.
'in a' = 'part of a'
'en' backwards = 'ne'; 'en' prefixes words such as 'enclose' and could give the meaning of (to) 'house'. Alternatively, 'EN' = 'Enrolled Nurse' and maybe this is what is meant by the term 'House Nurse'?

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25th October 2009, 11:03
Hi Jim
Thanks for that
I had already decided to put INANE in as my answer as it is the only word of the 3 that relates to any of the words in the clue i.e. "empty"
I can see that your explanation is as good as any I came up with.
This compiler is too devious for words!!

Thanks again

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