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24th October 2009, 03:46
Can anyone help with "Being enraged, irk terribly angry letter writers." Last word in crossword, then I am done.
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24th October 2009, 04:47
If it is your last word then you must surely have some letters to help?
It can also sometimes help to know where (what paper etc)the clue came from.
best wishes,
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the joker

24th October 2009, 06:43
In addition to Trevor's comments I would like to state that the no. of letters in the solution is pretty important.
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24th October 2009, 08:40
Had a quick look for this.

The clue is from The Guardian and the answer's words are (5-3,7).

No idea of crossing letters though as I don't do the crossword, so perhaps shellspa64 could give these?

I quite agree that it would help everyone if all the available info was given at the outset.

Off for my cornflakes now ...

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24th October 2009, 11:47
Ok, I blinked first.

It's an anagram: green-ink brigade.

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