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14th October 2012, 14:46

good day everyone,i only need two today,
7down,(9),forcibly influence mentally =
= ?r?i???s?,(brainwash?)
21across,(10)runny thin quality,w?l?r?n?s?.
(the "w"at the start of word comes from 6th letter from 7dwn if it is right)
anyone help me today?
luv,beth xx
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14th October 2012, 14:48
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14th October 2012, 14:50
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14th October 2012, 15:01
many thanks chrise and escher,i had "kernel" for 8dwn,instead of "peanut"and this put me off,(clue was edible seed)i am now all finished,thanks again,
luv,beth xx
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