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22nd October 2009, 17:43
2 down 8 letters, coffeetime clue - Internet security. Cryptic - show respect for south african instrument.
? i ? e ? t ? l
Just cannot think what this could be, it has annoyed me for the past 30 minutes. Please put me out of my misery!

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22nd October 2009, 17:48
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22nd October 2009, 17:51
Have you given us the wrong cryptic clue? the cryptic bit looks like SALUTE.
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22nd October 2009, 17:53
Terry well spotted I have given you the wrong cryptic should be

Fellow sent wire to everyone in security.
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22nd October 2009, 18:43
Internet security is wireless
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22nd October 2009, 18:51
If I am correct
wireless is just a way of connecting to the internet.
firewall lets you block incoming stuff you don't want.
(as you can probably tell,I'm not very technical)
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