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9th October 2012, 01:53
They keep getting tougher. Lots of stars, about 15, but top three: 23A, 44A, & 24D.

Minor quibbles: 38A, clue must have been amended, as wordplay doesn't quite match.
34D would read better as "Carmen got cross ..." instead of "is".

Well done, everyone, and thanks to Les & AB for all the work.


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9th October 2012, 07:40
Also many thanks to les and ab for producing this - best one so far, I thought.

Favourite was 27dn - should have been obvious, but it took me ages to see it. Also 44a (the one I butchered!)

I struggled with 35a because I had never heard of the sportswear company, and the original Olympic competitors competed in the nude!

A minor quibble on ab's brilliant 24d (Chambers fault, not his) - inorganic chemistry includes the chemsitry of carbon dioxide and the carbonates, so not quite ALL inorganic compounds do not contain carbon.
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bobs mum

9th October 2012, 09:18
very good clues once again---well done Les and thanks.

Just found typo in definitions to my clue 42dn the answer was hereto not hetero which was the wordplay.
Also as syzagy has just said i think u must have had the first word play and definition and not the amended one---do not know whether u wish to amend. Cheers
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9th October 2012, 09:25
Hi bobs mum
I was just about to admit that on more careful reading of the answers I had got 42dn wrong, putting "hereto" instead of "hetero" - honest!
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bobs mum

9th October 2012, 09:31
hi chrise,

Lol -- but looking at the grid it did not matter as the placement of the letters did not interfere with the down clues the e e and o being the correct letters for the across clues.

R u doing today's telegraph cryptic? if so, have u answered 6dn?
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9th October 2012, 09:33
No - the Guardian is my choice of crossword. Very good one today.
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9th October 2012, 09:44
chrise- when I was doing 35 ac I only had the P and the A , so I googled ALPHA and "sportswear" and then KAPPA and "sportswear".
Guess what- there are sportswear companies with both names!
I like 24 ac even though I didn't get it.
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9th October 2012, 09:55
Re posts 5 and 6 The typo was mine.
Les got it right in both his solution grid and forwarded notes. Apologies.
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9th October 2012, 13:59
Thanks, Les and AB, and everyone else! I too had hereto and hadn't noticed it when the solution was given. As I said earlier, I thought the hidden clues were especially nice this time- peterm's 16a, ixion's 2d, and magpie's 27d. Also liked syzzie's 30d, Les's 31d, ixion's 40d, AB's 24d, and peterm's 25 and 34d. Lots of great clues, very enjoyable.
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