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john bray

20th October 2009, 16:49
The answer to the clue "14 across" appears to be rub of the green which makes no sense. Clue is "Luck in the way things are going (3,2,3,5) help would be greatly appreciated. John Bray
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20th October 2009, 16:53
can you plese supply the letters you already have
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20th October 2009, 18:05
Hi John.

'Rub of the green' means the 'grain' or direction that cloth/grass etc are lying in (e.g. snooker or golf) and has some effect on how the balls run across the surface.

Only really good players even worry about it in any rational way, but amateurs may, if they have some good luck, possibly say that they have the 'rub of the green'?

Personally, I just hit & hope.

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20th October 2009, 18:08
Hi John.

I think that, during really serious golfing competitions, the greenkeepers work overnight re-mowing (and even combing!!) the surface of the greens just to make things difficult for the professional players the next morning.

There's lots of money in the game.

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