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4th October 2012, 10:08
2dn is he name of a (Scandinavian?) dramatist
15ac is the name of one of Napoleon's horses - named after a famous battle, which also had a chicken dish named after it
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4th October 2012, 10:15
Thanks Chrise. Much appreciated. Can now work on the Wordfinder anagram.
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4th October 2012, 10:38
Thanks Chrise.
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4th October 2012, 17:07
Hello everyone and especially Caravaggio who posted on 27th Sept - I have only just read it! Glad you haven`t forgotten us.

Now for my list of `stuck on` items -= long as usual!!

16Across Odd that small business has rare outing
18Across Demonstrative type etc
24Acriss Girl, one in silent element
14Down Sheepishly etc
17Down Mixture of hot stuff

Chris4seafood (!) Glad to hear the visit to Rick Steins`s place was so good.

Jazzgirl - thanks for your help with last weeks`s undone clues. Again I have only just read your replies as I have been away. And thanks for the update on your garden. Re the dead bird - I suppose foxes have to eat too!!
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4th October 2012, 17:19
Hi Mondrian
Yes, you're right. Every creature has to find food somewhere !
16Across Odd/strange is the definition. Last 3 letters anagram of "rare"
18Across an uncommon phrase which means "clandestine"
24Across is an element starting with M. (for silent = Mum)
14Down sheepishly. One of the 7 dwarfs + ly
17Down Mixture (used by dentists when filling teeth)

Hope these hints are of some use :)
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4th October 2012, 17:24
re 16a I should have said last 4 letters.
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4th October 2012, 17:26
Me again Mondrian
The alternative meaning of 18 could be "in utter disorder"
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4th October 2012, 17:32
Jazzgirl. You are excelling even yourself - 3 responses in one evening! Thank you. Am sure I shall finish crossword now but if I dont I really should just give it all up!!

Pipesmoker. In my previus posting I should have said `good to hear from you`. I think I must have missed some of your contributions. Glad anyway that you are your usual chirpy self.
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5th October 2012, 16:38
Thanks, Mondrian. Good to hear from you. I am still struggling with the technology of my new lap top. Firstly, as I started to write to you, an advert for Weetabix filled my screen. I don't like Weetabix, so why me? Next, as I got to the word technology, it started to print in the middle of your name. We never had this bother with pen and paper.

I think I may have missed a week or so with my contribution, as I was busy getting a new car. Imagine, after forty nine years on the road, still getting excited by a car. This time, it is a Nissan Note, same as the ones my son and Mrs P drive. I guess I like boys' toys.

Last weekend, we ploughed our way through the rain for a short break at Peebles Hydro. Very nice.

Hope you are keeping well, and still enjoying your daily dose of crosswords.

Best Wishes.

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6th October 2012, 10:20
Thanks for the reply Pipesmoker. Peebles Hydro seems very good indeed and nice countryside around. Last year my son and Co spent a week`s holiday near Traquhair and I joined them. Hope you enjoy your new car. I abandoned mine long ago.

I`m afraid my dose of crosswords is restricted to a weekly one, not a daily one like yourself. See you next week re RT again. It was also good to hear from Caravaggio again on another site.
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