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28th September 2012, 09:57
Nice to see your message. I hope you are well.
I`ve missed seeing the name of my favourite painter! mags.
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28th September 2012, 10:07
It's nice of you to respond, Magworth. I'm fine, thank you, and I hope that you are too.
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28th September 2012, 11:50
caravaggio, thanks for calling in on the RT fans. Do visit us again. We've missed you. Hope you are still watching Only Connect. J x
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28th September 2012, 14:34
Hi Jazzgirl,

Thank you for your good wishes too. Yes, I'm still watching 'Only Connect' and I suppose that some of us cruciverbalists might have an advantage - in being able to think laterally.

By the way, I love this time of year and about half an hour's drive away from where I live is Delamere Forest - the sight of the trees changing colour is amazing and you'd be in your element with a camera! Try Google images and you'll see what I mean.

Best wishes,


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28th September 2012, 14:42
Hello caravaggio
Yes, my camera has been clicking away!
I'm not too far from Winkworth Arboretum but I've not yet been there this Autumn. There are some excellent images on the Flickr website.
Until the next time.... J x
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28th September 2012, 21:46
Hello, Caravaggio. It is good to see that you are still to the fore, and I hope in good health and spirits.

I write this note on my new fangled laptopmebobber, and I am struggling a bit with the technology. Only today, did I admit defeat, and ask Number Two Son how to make the print on the screen into a readable size.

I hope we will have the pleasure of seeing more of your contibutions in the not too distant future.

Best wishes for now.

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29th September 2012, 07:53
Good morning Pipesmoker,

Felicitations! Your Unwin-like description of your computer amused me and I'm wondering whether you, like me, operate it with a 'dongleything'...

With best wishes,

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29th September 2012, 14:21
Hi, Caravaggio. Thank you for your reply. No, I do not have a dongleything. I understand this is for when you are out and about. I haven't yet used the laptop outside the house.

What I do find it handy for is when an urgent call comes from one of my sons to the Bank of Dad, while Mrs P is using the main computer, and does not look kindly upon being disturbed. I can simply log on, part with my hard earned and save myself an ear bashing in the process. It is also useful for checking emails etc from the comfort of my arm chair.

A quiet day here today. Last week saw the arrival of my new car, a Nissan Note Ntec +. It has satnav, Bluetooth and reversing sensors, all as standard. To have these on a Mini, for instance would have added more than £700 to my outlay. It is odd that even after forty nine years of driving, I still get a buzz from anything connected with motor cars. Even as a child I would have preferred to learn to drive than to go to school.

Not much more news, except that we are awaiting the arrival of the latest prize from the Catholic Herald, which I won last week. I think I must spend a small fortune on stamps to send prize crosswords away.

Best wishes for now.

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1st October 2012, 15:10
Hello Caravaggio, just returned from a week in Cornwall, so only just seen your post.
Will miss you on the RT forum, you were always so helpful when I needed assistance [which was - and still is - often!]
Hope you are keeping well and best wishes for the future
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