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14th October 2009, 20:03
Could somebody collate all previous postings and produce a 1 - 100 list (which is probably possible) of the questions and clues/answers. It is obviously asking a lot to expect people to look through previous postings.
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14th October 2009, 21:26
Terry If you think this is a sound idea why not do it yourself.
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14th October 2009, 21:51
Magic 1,
Or better still ask quiz compilers to include the answers with the questions and ask entrants to not look at the answers unless they have really really tried for at least 30 seconds to do one themselves.
Or they could pitch their questions at a different level,like: Man's best friend,has four legs and goes woof (3).
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14th October 2009, 22:19
sarcasm is the lowest form of wit .....

this si a quiz that raises money for charity, by generating money from each entry SENT in.

people will tend to send in 'completed entries'

why do you do this quiz ....
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14th October 2009, 22:30
Why don't "charities" get people to pay for the offical question paper and then have a draw of the best returned ones to decide winners.

The way this one's going it might as well be a raffle.
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