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14th October 2009, 19:16
Am still struggling with the following and clues would be much appreciated.
74/.A man of high social standing us on the way to becoming a highwayman (10) isRank part of the answer?
88. Unusually harsh rains in Los Angeles caused the senator to be late 6.6.
27. Outside the house make fun of aristocratic ruffians 6.
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14th October 2009, 19:39
74 - No, rank isn't there. Answer is another word for highwayman. Find a short word for the highway, then a person who acts for another (eg in selling houses)

88 A senator was assassinated in LA - find who and you'll find whodunnit

27 Abbreviation for Missouri + a German wine
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14th October 2009, 19:46
Thanks for clues.

Cant figure out clue for 27.

27. Outside the house etc., will work on it.

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14th October 2009, 19:50
Just trying to give a clue which gets to the answer from another angle
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14th October 2009, 19:54

.... the week?
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mostyn ( teacher1 )

14th October 2009, 20:18
27 Sounds similar to a Red Indian's haircut ! lol :-)
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14th October 2009, 22:15
27) 'Outside the House' - - H O - - -
'make fun of' a 4 letter word (around HO)
the answer is not a familiar word and refers to an 18th century aristocratic ruffian in London.

74) There are two answers circulating .... I have seen discussion on earlier thread wherethe forum members agreed to disagree!

'A man of high social standing' = Rank
Chambers defines Rank as 'position in society; etc; high standing; esp social .... '


'On the way' .... as in what a jockey is when on a horse ....

The two words are defined in Chambers 'a hard rider; a mosstrooper; a highwayman'

88) 'Unusually' signals an anagram harsh rains in (12 letters in all)

This is the name of an assassin who struck in the ballroom of the Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles.
(Ineterstingly, both names are the same!
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14th October 2009, 22:19
Blimey ! ..... and even more words. lol lol ;-)
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