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13th October 2009, 23:54
Would appreciate Clues to these -

22) Have game of bridge with a deadly opponent! (3,6)

(anything to do with 'rubber'?)

89) He only had eyes for someone barely remembered as a rider (7,3)

(anything to do with Lady Godiva?)

thank you

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14th October 2009, 01:12
22 think shaving
89 yes
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14th October 2009, 07:58
You have given us the clues!

89 is Peeping Tom.
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14th October 2009, 16:32
Millder .... I wanted a \'further\' CLUE to the answers - not the answer itself!

anyway, thanks for helping - I have got 22) (never knew it was a type of bridge!)
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15th October 2009, 08:10
Have just seen your response. This is a new concept to me and I shall steer clear of this type of posting.
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john (from arran)

15th October 2009, 10:09
Hi millder,

Just to let you know that the protocol on this forum is still developing, but generally only extra clues are given when it is known that the source is a quiz. As you can see from the threads many people are doing this quiz and we don't like to spoils the fun. If the source is a crossword then answers are acceptable as it usually only lasts a day or two (or a week or two in the case of Radio Times or RTE Guide).

It really helps the frequent solvers here if the source of the clue is quoted in the thread tagline, so we know what sort of answer is appropriate.
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