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24th November 2008, 19:17
I have T***E*E
or C***E*E

Judging by the Forum info-exchange, I seem to be the only one doing this crossword! This last clue is \" doin\' my \'ead in \" as they say (in all the top places).
Help! Chris.
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royston bowden

24th November 2008, 20:48

There is one other posting re this xword but they asked for the same thing, amongst others, and I have seen no reply as yet for the comedian part. I will sleep on it and look again for you in the morning. Dont fret there are lots of clever people in this forum! (Come on you lot!).

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mike b

24th November 2008, 20:57
I know it doesn't quite fit your letters, but the best I can come up with is Ronnie Corbett
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jerry smith

24th November 2008, 22:04
Hi Chris,
Is this crossword the English Daily Telegraph,
only I cannot find this in the weekend section
of 22/11/08?
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24th November 2008, 22:10
Thanks Royston & Mike.
Have stared long and hard at CORBETT and CONNOLY and could not square the circle, so to speak.

However, during another STINT (yes, that's STINT!!)looking at it - a Eureka moment!

26a is not SNIPE, It's STINT (a small wading bird) - which would, of course, give CORBETT for 11d.
Must now plan how to spend the £500. Good luck to all. Hope my trials and tribulations might have helped. Chris.
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24th November 2008, 22:18
Hi Jerry,
Weekend Pages 9-12incl contain the "occasional" BRAIN GAMES variety of puzzles. Sat Nov. 22nd.
I live near Coventry so assume the whole nation has received it. Good luck, Chris.
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jerry smith

25th November 2008, 11:46
Dear Chris,
Mea culpa,I had put the w/e section to one side,
unread,and only looked at the back inside page
yesterday,many apologies.
Best wishes,
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