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7th October 2009, 18:57
Hi all.

"Colouring's OK - teaspoonful poured into pudding" = dyestuff. Is 't' a recognised shorthand for teaspoon?

"Miss U.S. soldier on both sides" = girl. What's an RL?

"Boss's skill confounds dealers with it" = leadership. Anagram of dealers but where's the hip from?

"Very refined and exotic tale about this place" = ethereal. Ethereal doesn't mean very refined, does it?

Many thanks
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7th October 2009, 19:04
1. It is here.
2. RL=right and left (both sides).
3.Hip = with it.
4. Not realy,but it does here.
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7th October 2009, 19:16
Far out man...
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