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6th October 2009, 19:26
Hullo all.

"It stops estate car beside parking notice" = brake pad. P for parking, AD for notice but how exactly is the brake arrived at?

"Food for upwardly mobile lefties?" = stew. I always thought the wets were the middle of the road liberals...

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6th October 2009, 19:38
Don't the Americans call an estate car a 'shooting brake'?
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6th October 2009, 19:41
I think 'wets' describes somewhat left-wing members of centre-right political parties (so they are sort of middle of the road, as you said).

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7th October 2009, 13:19
Jimc is right, but as this is the daily mail, anyone who's not thatcherite, is considered a leftie, therefore wet
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