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7th July 2012, 14:12
It was "Fibre" not "Cirri". Hats off to you Jazz girl. I'll nicely tell my dear 87 year old Mum that she is too clever by half.... she'll love that. She usually manages to complete the Times2 Jumbo even though she has no computer and has to rely totally on her own brain power & knowledge! Amazing really. I haven't dared admit to her that this forum even exists. She would think I was cheating1
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7th July 2012, 14:27
Hi Rumbler
Your mother has a brilliant brain if she is able to complete entirely without help at 87. I hope I'm as good as her if I reach that age.
I would send her my congratulations, but as it's a secret that you are on here, that's a bit difficult to do ! ;)
Have a good weekend. J
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7th July 2012, 14:36
Thnaks Jazzgirl, but we would have to wait another 58 years to find out if you're as good at her age! She sometimes gets stuck on the more obscure knowledge clues (like "Neruda" this week!). I'll find out later when she phones me to either gloat or ask for help. Have a good weekend yourself..despite the wet!
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