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3rd July 2012, 09:51
Hope you aren't caught up, as it were, in the floods, and still have electricity.

Happy Independence Day tomorrow!(pre-empting Pastille xx)
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3rd July 2012, 13:11
Just bringing this to the top for aristo.
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3rd July 2012, 13:24
We're fine here, Rosalind. We've escaped the deluge; in fact there's a watering ban in our town (so dry a winter there wasn't even a spring thaw, hence a depleted aquifer). Our daughter, however, was caught up in it as she was moving back to Boston from Virginia. She left on Saturday, and the traffic was horrible because apparently no one had been on the road the day before, what with the hurricane-force winds and pouring rain, etc. She called to tell us that her car (filled with belongings) had broken down in Bethesda (MD) in the 100+F heat. She'd been meaning to get a new one anyway, but all the businesses were shut down because of the power outages, so she took the Metro to Reagan airport (Washington), rented a car, drove it back to MD, transferred her stuff, sold her car (!), and got back on the road. She took it all in stride (resourceful girl). I think I might have spent a bit of time sitting in the broken-down car saying "What the hell am I gonna do NOW?" She arrived here yesterday, calm as can be, and we're off this morning to return her rental to the airport and shop for a car (yippee), so I'll be posting Clueless a little early. Then we brace for all the noise (fireworks everywhere); I've never understood the thrill over deafening blasts, though we do go to watch the fireworks every eve of the Fourth at a friend's house. More than you wanted to know, but my fingers just kept moving (I think it's all the coffee). See you at Clueless, and thanks for your concern.
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3rd July 2012, 13:26
Thanks, aristo.
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3rd July 2012, 13:29
that's right. never mind the daughter's problems or aristo's. just so long as clueless gets started,eh! gawd.
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3rd July 2012, 13:32
Teehee. Rolling with the punches.
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3rd July 2012, 15:36
Not more than I wanted to know- how on earth do you sell a broken down old car stuck in ]a flood ("she's a good runner normally, honest".)
Good for her.
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3rd July 2012, 16:12
pity your daughter did not carry a spare engine in her boot - see The Jokers post 50 in the Times cryptic 986 on this page. Anyway she obviously copes well with adversity - am full of admiration !
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