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25th September 2009, 09:09
Soon there's some cockerel on grill (7)

E _ E _ O _ G

What is it?
Why is it?
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25th September 2009, 09:13
erelong - it's in the clue
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25th September 2009, 09:36
Hi mgm.

I hope you don't mind me pointing out a couple of other useful resources for crossword puzzlers in case you aren't aware of them.

On this website, if you click the menubar where is says Solution Wizard you can look for words that match any letters that you already have. For example, the Soltion Wizard found ERELONG given the letters you had already, although it doesn't explain any wordplay (of course!).

Another handy utility that you may care to check out (on a different website) is">Chambers Word Wizard. Again, it helps with words that possibly fit given letters (and anagrams) but not with explanations of wordplay for cryptic clues.

I hope the above help you but please do keep coming back here with your questions too!

Best Wishes.
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25th September 2009, 10:07
Than you jimbo.
And thank you JimC for the words of help and encouragement.
For the moment I'm finding the transition from Irish Times Crosaire to ST a little harder than I had expected.
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