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24th September 2009, 15:04
Clue - A great long one runs in Yorkshire (4)
Answer - I think it is -O-E

Thanks for looking!
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24th September 2009, 15:08
Hi Linton

Previously answered by aljanon as Ouse
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24th September 2009, 15:37

I have to admit that I don't really understand 'Ouse' and suspect that I am completely missing an insight into the answer.

The River Ouse runs through Yorkshire whereas the River Great Ouse runs in central & eastern England and I don't know if it enters Yorkshire at all along it's course.

There is a River Dove in Yorkshire, but I don't see that as an any better answer than Ouse (in fact, a little worse, if anything), except that it fits Linton's given letters.

Please would someone explain it further?

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