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7th September 2009, 19:52
3 today:

"Big animal turns up mineral in Cornish ground" = rhinoceros. I can see the 'ore' but that's it...

"Inopportune fog in Mediterranean's not normal" = mistimed. Mist/Med - where's the I?

"Instrument in part exchange for older version" = fortepiano. May involve an anagram, I just can't work it out.

Many thanks.
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7th September 2009, 19:56
1 anagram of cornish + ore
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7th September 2009, 19:57
Hell's bell's, how did I miss that?
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7th September 2009, 20:02
fortepiano was an early piano (short for pianoforte - parts swapped).

fog in Mediterranean\'s not normal - Mist I(n) Med
without \"n\".
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8th September 2009, 00:42
its mist med and in :not normal so take away the n
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8th September 2009, 20:35

\"fortepiano\" was an older name for what is now the \"pianoforte\"
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