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5th September 2009, 09:48
Made mistake of asking husband about the (?cricketing) clue - he won't leave it alone - please rescue me from the misery of him going through every cricketing term known to man

Clue Leading leg spinner 2,3

It is On ?o?
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steve l

5th September 2009, 10:02
"On Top" spinner is a top & when your leading your on top
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5th September 2009, 10:14
Thanks - so it is not even a cricketing term. I least I'll get some peace now!
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6th September 2009, 10:44
It is a cricketing term because another word for the leg side in cricket is the "on" side. Your husband was on the right lines!
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6th September 2009, 15:56
Thanks Paul

As I know nothing about any sport,I couldn't see how "leg" worked in this clue.
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