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1st September 2009, 14:12
5. Rock group. 12 - to rhyme with deliberate.
39. Egging on mother say on the river. 6 rhymes with Bensley.
last two, any clues please? thanks
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1st September 2009, 15:55
39 could be Henley
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1st September 2009, 16:53
5. i think that the answer to this would be useful if someone was shaving in the dark.

it doesn't seem to rhyme to me, but some of the answers in this quizz are questionable.
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1st September 2009, 19:27
5 conglomerate it means a group of rocks
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7th September 2009, 14:17
thanks everyone, I think that's my last ones.
your help is much appreciated.
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