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31st August 2009, 16:38
Does anyone do this crossword? I have completed most of the grid but cannot see the connecton that is being looked for. Any help greatly appreciated - no point in me giving clues or missing letters as the only gaps I now have are unclued answers!
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1st September 2009, 17:09
black ?/boardwalk/Bosman/caprid/Frank Field/Frank Muir/Madrid/overboard/placeman/skyline/?light/stonewall/Trotsky/wall brown
Spot the omission.
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1st September 2009, 18:41
Thank you so much - I had got Frank Muir and Frank Field but no others and still couldn't see how the connection worked! Didn't help that I had flashlight not blacklight (and so was strugglig with board!) I hope you are the recipient of the pen and thanks again
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