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10th November 2008, 21:23
Stuck with two clues. Once again I'd ask for your kind help.
20 d Expert in a type of armless self-defence. I have J-D---
25 a see flower losing tuft, it is visually pleasing. I have --E/----Y
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10th November 2008, 22:03
I think 25a might be "eye candy".
Is 20d something to do with Judo? Judist?
Hope this helps
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10th November 2008, 23:48
I think the expert is JUDOKA (this is in one of my reference books)
and EYE DAISYfor the across clue.
Hope of some use
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11th November 2008, 01:08
Hi, Tony,
In defence of my suggestion of "eye candy" there is a flower called candytuft. Also, in the part of the world where I live there's lots of eye candy on the beaches at this time of the year. The phrase is not discriminatory, people of either gender can be eye candy if young enough and gorgeous enough.
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11th November 2008, 08:43
I agree that the answer is eye candy (from Candytuft) & I am so glad to get an answer to armless self-defence: I also had J-D--A & our rather ancient dictionary couldn't come up with anything!
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