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9th November 2008, 14:55
Is there such a thing as a laromer or laramer to do with horses? I can't find it in the dictionary. It's 11 across.
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rob light

9th November 2008, 15:11
DT25769; 11ac.
Try LORIMER. He is a maker of assorted tack for horses, including bridles and bits.
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9th November 2008, 15:44
Dear Rob,
Many thanks for your help!
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9th November 2008, 21:40
suzannah obviously had 1d before she posted. It completely eludes me. "Father with fish, one in the clutches of river parasite". I have F_E_L__T_R.
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9th November 2008, 21:53
Answer is freeloader
(freeloader = parasite, father = fr, fish = eel, oder = river)
Think you must have the t wrong.
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