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early bird

24th August 2009, 07:04
Help appreciated to finish this crossword.

14a - Niggles England's tailbender unsportingly - by doing this?(8)

S - E - G - N -

25a - How Delia may describe the Spanish country (5)
I - D - A
(thought it was IDEAL but doesn't fit if my others are correct)

24a - Girl that's following leading star's usually strumpet(5)

S -S - E (looks like SUSIE to me)

Please and thanks
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24th August 2009, 08:16
Good morning Early Bird,

Yes, you're right with Susie - it's the leading letters of 'S','U' and 'S' followed by IE - id est [that is].

The first one is SLEDGING which hasn't done the Australians much good.

I'm still working on the other one!


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early bird

24th August 2009, 08:27
Thank you for those, would never have got either. Now to explain where the letters of 25 across came from.
23d Reptile in the summer (5) (I had ADDER, which gives the middle D in 25 a
but without it 25a would be I - - - - A, and I had thought it could be an anagram of DELIA in the clue..... but still lost, so thanks for your help and patience!
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24th August 2009, 10:34
INDIA; take THE Spanish from Delia; D(el)ia
and the question is answered; IN DIA.
Trifle obscure but correct!

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early bird

24th August 2009, 10:57
Thank you so much for that! Never would have guessed..
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