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22nd August 2009, 18:13
I think I can guess the answers but I might be wrong.
Any explanatins please for,

31a Securities have united for what was penny dividend(5)

37a Item must be one of a set collected by Anthea(7)
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22nd August 2009, 18:19
Bons were (apparently becuase I looked it up) a sort of paper security around "d" for old penny. I guess binds is your answer?
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22nd August 2009, 18:22
37 Ac. is article - the set is an/the/a
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22nd August 2009, 18:30
thank you both.

Anniec - your "d" for old penny." gave me the answer (I think)

Bonds - change "d" into u (for Uninted) gives bonus.

thanks again.
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