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27th January 2012, 03:31
Mary McCarthy associated them with novel(5)I???S. Essayist coolly concealing names(8)C?N?O???(8)
M>McCarthy wrote Ideas and the Novel; 'coolly' with 'names' gives the essayist Connolly. However, these two answers intersect where the 'e' of 'ideas' crosses with the second 'l' of Connolly - please help
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27th January 2012, 04:06
It doesn't seem possible that either could be anything else; surely it must be an error on the setter's part.
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27th January 2012, 14:17
Same problem here. One corrrect answer has been logged on the Times site, and one with one error. I'm going to hang fire for a bit and see what turns up on the forums. There's obviously one version of the misprint, if that's what it is, which has been accepted as correct.
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27th January 2012, 14:21
Now two correct. "CONNOLLY" must be right, so the "L" leaves only a couple of possible options, even if they both look wrong!
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