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19th August 2009, 07:32
Help please! Stuck on last letter of 4d:
'First letter on train operator is a stinker' (4)
Could be c, k or p ??? ('skunk' or 'first' meaning??)
Many thanks for help.
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19th August 2009, 07:56
First letter could be A (ie of the alphabet) Got any other letters?
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19th August 2009, 07:59
Hi Cathy.

I put 'atoc' as 'a'(= first letter) + 'toc'(= train operating company). The skunk variant can be spelled 'atok' or 'atoc', so 'atoc' works out ok.

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19th August 2009, 18:31
Many thanks JimC, that was my train of thought,
couldn't decide between atoc, atok and atop.
Sorry about delayed thank you, just home.
Regards, Cathy
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