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18th August 2009, 16:06
hello,krisstoff here. i have a real puzzler here-it goes like this:"AMOUNTS OF BIRD WASTE",AND THE PATTERN IS:?U????,answers appreciated,toodle-oo!,krisstoff.
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18th August 2009, 16:10
Could be guanos?
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18th August 2009, 16:15
Not sure if guano has a plural, and it's difficult to see where the 'amounts' part comes in. I'm not familiar with Lancelot, Krisstoff -- is it a cryptic?
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18th August 2009, 16:32
anniec,i've stuck with guanos,and have double checked it,thanks. bullfrog,lancelot provides 2 types of clues,one set is cryptic,and the other set are straight,in this case it was a straight clue,but i could understand why you thought it was cryptic though,cheery-o!,to both of you,regards,krisstoff.
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the joker

18th August 2009, 16:45
GUANOS is the plural of guano,according to St.Chambers.
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19th August 2009, 09:34
I bow before the omniscience of the venerable Chambers, but with reference to guano they're obviously talking sh*t!
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