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15th January 2012, 17:43
Help. I have just moved to Win 7, and in the prooess lost my much loved Puzzlex. There are lots of the softwawe on the net but not with the registration code attached. I would be gateful, and wll pay up t0 £20 for a full copy inclding the matching code. . Surely someone has an original CD.
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15th January 2012, 23:35

As a Puzzlex user of long-standing I sympathise with your problem. My only CD copy is V5 and, as a registered user I downloaded V6.02 some years ago (I'm sure that N. Bentley ceased development of the product around 2005). It is possible I can help out (I couldn't possibly make a charge though !) - try contacting me by email on
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17th February 2013, 16:33
Just read your message and assume you have solved your Puzzlex problem. If not, I have an unlocked version 6 which I can copy and send to you (no charge). Contact me at: if you are interested.
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22nd April 2013, 12:16
Would I be overbold if I can avail of this kind offer. I moved to Win 8 and am in the same predicament of losing my Puzzlex settings.
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26th June 2013, 21:41
I have an unlocked Puzzlex version 6.02 and am happy to send to anyone in trouble. E-mail me at
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23rd March 2014, 04:03

Do you happen to know where I can get the extra lexicons for PuzzLex, or if they are even available?

Thanks!! :)
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23rd March 2014, 21:09
Hi bc4puzzles,

I can help re. the Puzzlex lexicons - please contact me as per my message above from two years ago. I have the product working on two PCs, one under XP, one under Win 8.

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16th June 2014, 21:40
I have quite a few extra Lexicons, send me your e-mail and I'll send them to you.
My e-mail is:
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25th January 2015, 04:20

If the offer is still good, I'll take you up on it. I believe you also said that you have a pre-registered copy of PuzzLex, too, as I used to have one, but due to inability to be able to back it up before a system crash, I no longer have it. I'd appreciate a copy of that, as well.

I really, really appreciate this!! Of course, I now have the ability to back my stuff up, so I don't have to lose things.

Again, very I am very grateful. Thanks so very much!!

Here is my email:

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21st February 2015, 23:24
Hi BC4Puzzles
Have e-mailed you to solve your problem.
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