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3rd November 2008, 19:05
Stuck on 1 across

Dated old unionist toff has no ground round island
(3, 2, 7)

I have (and I think they're right)

O _ _ OF _ _ _ H _ O _

Also stuck on 2 down

Begin climing over to inlet to find places to eat

The first letter is the 3rd letter of above answer, and I have:

_ _ A _ E _ T _ R _ A _

I originally had Cafeterias in there, but then I got one of the across clues which gave me the 3rd letter as A.

Thanks for help. I'm stumped.

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royston bowden

3rd November 2008, 19:12
OUT OF FASHION is the first one, more later one hopes!

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mike b

3rd November 2008, 19:32
Hi Sharon

I think TRATTORIAS would fit the clue (but not all the letters you gave,

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3rd November 2008, 19:53
Brilliant, thank you so much. I wouldn't have slept tonight without them!!!

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3rd November 2008, 19:54
You might of made a mistake or two because I also think the answer is trattorias.It's start(begin) backwards over to ria(inlet)
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