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10th August 2009, 09:36
17down Tuberose or Tuberosa? Ta v much in advance!

It seems that both Tuberose and Tuberosa are equally correct so which one to put? Would DT honour both answers the same?

17d) Mexican plant in the Agavaceae family, used in perfumery(8) Have put Tuberose- yet is Tuberosa a better answer?

Cheers, Simon
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big dave

10th August 2009, 11:45
I think I would go with Tuberose.

This is what Chanbers says:

* a Mexican amaryllid (Polianthes tuberosa) grown for its fragrant creamy-white flowers, propagated by tubers

This would indicate that for tuberosa you would need the full Latin name of Polianthes tuberosa. Most Telegraph answers are checked with Chambers.

Failing that, you could email Telegraph enquiries (telegraphenquiries at If nothing else,it will draw it to their attention.
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10th August 2009, 13:59
Big Dave, Many thanks for your fantastic full answer.Most helpful! Cheers, Simon
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