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2nd November 2008, 19:55
Really struggling with 6 down. -O-W- "Study why heart's not in Welsh town". Can anyone help please?
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2nd November 2008, 20:48
I think the answer is conwy (Welsh Town)

con = study
wy = heartless why

Hope this helps
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2nd November 2008, 21:31
Thanks Sally.
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4th November 2008, 01:37
I'm not seeing something here. Can someone explain to me why con = study? Thanks.
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4th November 2008, 22:57
Use the dictionary facility on this very site. Looking up CON gives 'to memorise or learn by heart' (or a similar definition) which is to study.

It was a new one on me too, but that's partly why I do the cryptics, to learn new words.
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