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4th August 2009, 20:30
Thanks to trevor for helping with my last post. I've just looked at a thread started by Rufina Stephenson with the word 'Correction' which resulted in a stream of, to me, nonsensical replies. What's going on there or am I just missing some joke?

Anyhoo, to my usual business:

"Short note, third one in requiem Dave's composed" = demisemiquaver. This uses the letters of 'requiem daves' but still needs an M and I. Where do they come from?

Many thanks.
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4th August 2009, 20:32
MI = 3rd note (ie DOH RE MI)
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4th August 2009, 20:38
Pooksahib I like you was a little mystified as I have led a sheltered life LOL Think of a place where gentlemen (term used advisedly) may go to be chastised (corrected) I blush to think of the research I have had to do to get to this conclusion.

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the joker

4th August 2009, 20:57
What a spanking good answer Mamya.
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