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8th June 2008, 09:43
23 across - an imaginary place where all is as bad as it can be - ( - - s - o - i - ). Any suggestions?
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joe the fish

8th June 2008, 09:46
The word you seek is DYSTOPIA
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8th June 2008, 11:23
Cheers, Joe!
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27th August 2008, 17:09
Failed miserably with the Sunday Express Skeleton on 17/8/08 and couldn't get a copy next week for the answers! Still missing 7,8,9 down and 11,16,21 across. Their own website doesn't show previous crossword answers! Anyone know where I can get this info or can you help? Cheers!
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30th August 2008, 07:45
Sorry Phil, don't know where you can get this info from, but perhaps if you list the clues and any letters, we may be able to sort them out for you!
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