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27th July 2009, 14:15
Hello, all - I do a local monthly quiz of 100 questions on various subjects, and this month it is all about TV sitcoms. (We are not given number of words, letters, etc.) I have got it down to three outstanding, and wondered if anyone has any bright ideas!

The three still to get are:

(1) "The Corner Family in the UK and the Caruthers Family in the States".
(2) "A far cry from Archie Glenister to become Mr. Bingley".
(3) A cantankerous former businessman can't help interfering in other people's affairs"

I did wonder about "One Foot in the Grave" re the last one, but I don't think Victor Meldrew was actually a businessman.

I would add that this is just a local quiz, and sometimes the spelling is not all it should be!!

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


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27th July 2009, 14:38
2. crispin bonham carter appeared in
game on as archie glenster
and mr. bingley in pride and prejudice
as it about sit coms the answer must be

game on
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27th July 2009, 19:25
Many thanks, Helena - just two left now!

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27th July 2009, 19:46
1 is Not In Front Of The Children
3 sounds like it might be The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin
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28th July 2009, 00:06
Many thanks, Bullfrog - "The Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin" features as an answer elsewhere in the quiz, but the "Not in Front of the Children" answer is spot on!

Thanks and regards.
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28th July 2009, 09:21
The series "Potter" starring Arthur Lowe sort of fits the bill about the cantankerous businessman
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28th July 2009, 21:08
Cleopatra - "Potter" fits the bill exactly, so many thanks for your input! All done now!
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