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24th July 2009, 13:31
Hi all.

"Ate fish over at King's Head - this one?" = haddock. Is there a cryptic element to the 'addoc'?

"Illegally convert three articles abroad" = launder. Hah! Just seen it. Good clue.

"Repairman keeps a snake" = meander.

"Lie on cotton for instance" = fibre. Where do we get the 're'? Would a better clue not be 'lie ABOUT cotton'?

Many thanks.
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24th July 2009, 13:45

repair man = mender + a = meander to snake as in road of track
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dick i

24th July 2009, 13:50
Haddock would seem to be: ate=HAD, doc is COD backwards ie 'over' and the king's head is plain.
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24th July 2009, 16:48

re: COTTON ... I think the 're' corresponds to the 'on' in the clue.

One meaning of 're' is 'with reference to' and this phrase can be replaced by 'on' in some cases (e.g. she was questioned with reference to her whereabouts last night).

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