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15th September 2011, 21:04
I love Saturdays (due to every paper running a prize x-word) but I wondered which (any?) of the daily papers run a prize cryptic on a weekday (aside from the FT on a monday, which I already do)...

I just enjoy doing a crossword so much more when it has that competition element to it (even if its the most insignificant of prizes...and to be honest, I rarely complete and send anyway!)

So... which paper(s) should I buy?!

Many thanks!!
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15th September 2011, 21:07
The I paper on friday has a cryptic prize crossword
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15th September 2011, 21:09
Thanks for that Imagcq - I'll give I a go!
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15th September 2011, 21:15
Daily Express offers the Crusader Prize Crossword every day. It is not too difficult, but still quite enjoyable.

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16th September 2011, 16:12
Dolly...I would also recommend the ipaper on a Friday. Its got a very small readership, compared to other quality papers, so you will have a better chance of winning. I won the Sunday Times solid silver Cross fountain pen twice last year, and a handy Whitackers Almanac last month, so its well worth it to keep trying !
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16th September 2011, 17:37
Hi DollyHaze,

The Guardian do a Prize crossie every Saturday. You'll find it here:

The daily ones are good too but the Saturday is always special.
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silly boy

16th September 2011, 18:36
The Daily Mail also does a daily Cryptic Prize Crossword ..... Giant prize .... £25! lol
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16th September 2011, 19:08
Thanks everybody! Had a punt at both the Express and 'i' today... (turns out the Express is more my level, alas! couldn't get going on the i at all :( )
Will be sure to try the DM next week.

Once again, thankyou!
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