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4th July 2009, 18:48
...and in need of some clarification, if someone would oblige:

"Detectives hold banker in reversal of play (8)" = D-A-A--C. Looks like Dramatic but why? I can see CID reversed but that's all.

"Keep your hair on? It keeps your hat on!" = chinstrap. I don't get the first part of the clue.

Many thanks.
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4th July 2009, 18:59
Hi Pooksahib.

I'll have a shot...

There is a River Tamar and the 'banker' in the clue may refer to this (river banks). Tamar plus your CID, all reversed, makes DRAMATIC.

Apparently, there is a type of beard called a Chinstrap. This may have something to do with the second clue.

I hope someone can improve on these ideas.

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