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john (from arran)

3rd July 2009, 14:30
In another thread Bees wrote:

"RT 28 is out now, so we can start again! There's one beaut of a clue.
It was the best of Radio Times, It was the worst of Radio Times!"

The clue referred to was:

20A Package for Sydney. (6)

I have C?R?O? and entered CARTON but cannot connect a cardboard box to the Australian city.

Any help would be welcome.
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3rd July 2009, 14:40
Hi John, could it refer to Sydney Carton from a Tale of two cities?
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john (from arran)

3rd July 2009, 14:42
Hi campanilla,

That'll do nicely. Thanks.
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3rd July 2009, 15:38
John, I'm shocked! I thought you got that straight away. I can go back to smug mode now, I didn't think I'd ever beat you to a clue.
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john (from arran)

3rd July 2009, 16:12
Hi Bees,

It is probably because I spend too much time at the keyboard, but I just had a mental block on that one.
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3rd July 2009, 16:17
I get the feeling that John isn't a city guy.

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3rd July 2009, 19:00
'Evening all,

No, it was me who had already finished the crossword who had picked up on Bees' oblique reference to the answer, which I thought was rather clever.

As I commented at the time, perhaps I have a warped mind because I saw the answer straight away.

Have a good weekend,

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4th July 2009, 17:05
Hi Caravaggio, Thank you, I've been telling people I'm clever for years, but no one has ever agreed with me before. I've just looked up your name because I thought it might be a make of Italian caravan, but no! Caravaggio was an Italian broke, sorry baroque, painter who killed a man in a dispute over a tennis match. Please chill out for the next couple of days and don't watch Wimbledon, OK?
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4th July 2009, 17:26
Hi Bees,

Michelangelo Merisi [da Caravaggio] actually killed someone in a duel over a bet on a game of tennis. Your research does you proud! However, I'm not a psychopath and, whilst I will watch the odd game of tennis [NOT women - can't stand the grunting], I much prefer rugby union, football, athletics and cricket.

However, on your advice, I will take it easy this weekend and, if the Dearly Beloved complains, I'll blame you. Is that alright?

Kind regards,

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