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2nd July 2009, 22:07
1. Semester, e.g.
5. Flat-faced canines
9. Move slightly
14. Place for small scissors
15. Clay crock
16. They’re rather pointless
17. Some slices of bread
18. Military detachment
19. Up to the present
20. Site of a famous race
23. “Your point being?”
24. Caribbean conjuring
28. “Have ______ and a smile” (old slogan)
31. Place Billy Joel sang about
34. Fully mature fillies
35. Evil grin
36. New homonym?
37. “Come ______, the water’s fine!”
38. “Stompin’ at the _____”
39. Leader of a lush life in Mayberry?
40. A season abroad
41. Word from the pews
42. Non-electric shaver
43. “The Wire” city
46. Gibson’s “Lethal Weapon” role
47. Act like a sponge
48. Tooth that turns
49. Honeymooners’ destination, often
56. Build up, as a fortune
59. “Maalox moment” cause
60. Horseradish sauce source
61. Calf in a range herd
62. Exhibit an inclination
63. Commercial award
64. GTs and Kadetts
65. Having butterflies
66. Metal fastener

1. Used a links peg
2. An active volcano
3. Giuliani of NY
4. Off the mark
5. Butcher shop unit
6. Forearm part
7. Like smooth, offhand talk
8. Satisfy to excess
9. Guiding light
10. Consequence
11. “The Partridge Family” actress Susan
12. “Aw” follower
13. Ultimate suffix
21. Small bills
22. Brooks who played Hawk
25. Army identification
26. Admitting (with “up”)
27. Burdens
28. Biology 101 specimen
29. Cambridge student
30. Projecting windows
31. Memorable Texas place
32. Part of a voting machine
33. “A Fistful of Dollars” director
38. Bossa nova kin
39. Member of a ruling clique
42. Univ. teacher
44. It’s down in the mouth
45. Showy spring flowers
48. Country club summer job
50. Airport area
51. Got a perfect score on
52. Word with “onion” or “promise”
53. Kinks song
54. Superman’s gal
55. “Freeze!”
56. “And now, without further ______”
57. Janitor’s tool
58. Grow wizened

Here is the page with the actual croosword puzzle.

Its due tonite at 11:59, I'd appreciate any help guys please!!!!! Thanks in advance!
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shirley knott

2nd July 2009, 22:19
Gizza clue.
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2nd July 2009, 22:31
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2nd July 2009, 22:37
Come on guys we can do this, remember the "get your house in order" quiz (has anyone seen the solution to that?).

Sean, if you can give us details of the number of words/letters,by this time tomorrow, we will be laughing, even louder!

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2nd July 2009, 22:41
Yes jim the answers are out for House in order, I achieved 99½ out of 100 and the newsletter with it is hilarious giving some of the mistaken but very amusing stabs at the tough questions

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john (from arran)

2nd July 2009, 22:48
The OP is a Westponder, and 11:59 is eastern Standard Time. So we have until around 5am tomorrow UK time to finish this. I took a chance and followed the link which is genuine and gives a blank diagram.

Let's go for it.
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2nd July 2009, 22:59

Thanks for that, how do I gain access to the newsletter re the results? And what were the "amusing but wrong stabs at the tough questions?, especially Muckenders? and, what was that other one?

JimB (little heart) I've forgotten how to create one)

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2nd July 2009, 23:01
Sorry, but I must pass this time as I'm off to watch "The Wire" in a few minutes (43 across = Baltimore).

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2nd July 2009, 23:06
Jim cant find a link for the newslatter just the answers alone

Muckenders = old name for a napkin

Porringers may be the other that you were thinking of an old name for a dish and also ahat

M ♥

lil heart is alt3
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2nd July 2009, 23:06

You'll do anything to watch advert-free T.V. won't you?

JimB (your Dad)
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