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17th October 2008, 19:01
Well, I have a crossword on energy and fossil fuels and I have one answer left to complete it. Looking through all 794 solutions would take too long so I thought I'd put it on here.
The clue is: an energy source that does not get smaller when it is used.
And the word looks like this...
The ? are letters I don't know.
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royston bowden

17th October 2008, 19:06


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17th October 2008, 19:10
Well thanks but I don't think it is because I some of the other answers are (with clues):
JOULE (as in the unit of energy)
THERMAL (other name for heat)
KINETIC (movement energy)
SOLAR POWER (energy from the sun)
GEOTHERMAL (a renewable energy source from the heat of the Earth's core)
Also it should be in the ISEB red science textbook.
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mike b

17th October 2008, 19:40
? renewable
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