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1st July 2009, 18:54
Hello all. I've not added to the forum for a couple of weeks. Its surprising how long it takes reading through previous postings, but have caught up with the to-ing and fro-ing, so I hope trevor, campanilla, JimC, John(from Arran) et al will come to the rescue.....

Heres my dilemma:
11d. Putting head of school upfront, it's still insubstantial. (5)
I have L_G_T which I assume is Light, but can't see the reasoning.
14a. Look out for hollow in rock (4)
I have _A_E and think that Cave fits. I can't see the look out part of the clue.
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1st July 2009, 19:01
Hi wombat!
for 11d, put the head of shcool (s) in front of light gives "slight" which, along with "light" can mean insubstantial
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1st July 2009, 19:04
Thanks jonny
There was I thinking the S was in the final solution. Thanks for putting me right.
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1st July 2009, 19:05
Hi Wombat, long time no see!! To keep cave is to keep watch or look out for.
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1st July 2009, 19:19
campanilla the saviour!
Thanks for the explanation. I recollect from school days that classmates looking out for the return of an absent teacher were said to be 'keeping cavy', but this seemed tenuous. Using the Dictionary on this site didn't help, so thank you for your speedy reply.
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