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1st July 2009, 18:52
Turned out nice again...

Now then:
"Japanese drama inspired a sailor of old" = Noah. Maybe I didn't google hard enough - what's the connection?

"Arch supporter's more devout?" = pier. What arch does a pier support? What word is it supposed to sound like - some derivation of pious??

"Sister can be seen by everyone in middle of dinner" = nun. Where does the U come from?

Many thanks
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1st July 2009, 18:58
no(a)h, noh is an old type of japanese drama.
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1st July 2009, 21:48
From Wikipedia: In architecture, a pier is an upright support for a superstructure, such as an arch or bridge.
Pi means devout, therefore pier = more devout.

U refers to a Universal Certificate -- a film that everyone can see.
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1st July 2009, 22:26
My thanks.
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