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28th June 2009, 12:47
Hi all. Ive been on holiday for a month (took this quiz with me) I still need 3 answers. The quiz has to be in by the 30th June so please can anyone help. All answers found on a menu just food. no18. Chef's confused over e.g. eight tablespoons of it.(2) no 20.Cortland & Empire could go into this dish(2).No.59. Going fast, he loses a letter, but male ends it ok.(1) only number of words signifided no number of letters.Has there been a thread running for this quiz have looked but cant find one. Hope you all well and look forward to helping now Im back!! lizzyminto.
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28th June 2009, 13:14
Cortland and Empire are apples so it could be apple pie

How many letters are in the other 2 clues and do you have any letters already?
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28th June 2009, 13:18
Welcome back Lizzyminto

Ive already posted mine off but I do remember the chefs confused one is an anagram - if i work it our i will post again

sorry cant remember the other one
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28th June 2009, 13:21
The last one is quiche

quic (k) + he

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28th June 2009, 13:23
Sorry for so many posts - just got your last one

eg eight tablespoons

Spaghetti Bolonese
Get it in the post now !!!
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28th June 2009, 13:38
Jimbo and Suesan. What loves you are. Many thanks.Lizzyminto. will get it in the post!! bye.
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